Bacon and Bear Bells

My journey on the Appalachian Trail

Two month trail perspective

We crossed our two month on the trail just a few short days ago. It's been a blast. I can hardly explain it. The amount of joy I've gained and amount of respect I now have for the outdoors, others,... Continue Reading →

25% complete. 

We are officially a quarter of the way through our journey on the Appalachian Trail. Surreal to think that we've hiked...HIKED... over 550 miles already. I feel like each milestone we cross, we'll start to feel even more accomplished, proud... Continue Reading →

One week without a pack…weird. 

Hitting the trail again today. It feels good to have my pack back on. Shin/ankle feels better with a week of rest. Taking it easy out of the gates but feeling good and ready.  I was reunited with my trail... Continue Reading →

Injury Report: tendinitis is no joke.

I'm over a month in and now it decides to happen?! Bummer.  I started having a little lower shin pain on my left leg coming into Erwin, TN last week. Ailments are common out here, so I didn't think much... Continue Reading →

One month and counting

Today officially marks one month on the trail. I can't believe it. My brother and our German surprised us in Erwin, TN for our zero. Best trail magic ever!  Very Happy, Healthy & Having a blast!  I love this trail!... Continue Reading →

We’re officially thru-hikers

Thru-hiking isn't for the faint of heart. The modesty is gone. We have fully embraced living in the woods for almost a month on trail. It's funny how "second nature" it is to us now (no pun intended). This is... Continue Reading →

200 + miles, the Smokies, & an overwhelming TN town

  We'd heard horror stories of the Smokies. Received advice to "stay tough & stubborn" over the next 6 days due to the unexpected weather and elevation changes. We weren't sure what to expect but we were excited to dive... Continue Reading →

Heading to the Smokies

After a wonderful zero with my families, we headed back out and hit a couple 15/16 mile days. Feeling rested and ready. North Carolina is proving to have climbs, climbs, and more climbs. Up we go and just when you... Continue Reading →

How to successfully celebrate your 30th on the AT– be with family. 

Couldn't have asked for a better zero on the trail. We were hit with some pretty wet and cold weather coming into Franklin, NC. I got a little dehydrated, didn't have enough calories, muscles cramped, and the hiker hobble setttled... Continue Reading →

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