Today marks two years from the start of my journey on the Appalachian Trail. A day forever in my heart. A day that changed my attitude and perspective on life, people, the pursuit of dreams and living life to the fullest. Two years of understanding the impact it’s had on my life and even that of others. Many things have changed over the past two years. Things I may never understand, nor want to, and things that I understand more fully. It’s incredible the impact a journey like this will have on you. And not just for two years, but the rest of your life. I’m finally starting to unveil the meaning of this hike and the pure joys of reconnecting, learning, and teaching. I’m finally grasping the somewhat frightening realization of deep emotions that had been hiding for years. I understand the importance of self care and surrounding yourself with like-minded souls that will push you to your best limits. Life’s too short to waste time on people or things that don’t enhance you. Then being brave enough to notice this and move on. We’re all out there hiking our own hikes! Enjoy the ride, friends. It’s your journey.

Happy 2 year trail-i-versary! 2017 was one helluva year!